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Delegation from Tajikistan acquainted with the outsourcing potential of Uzbekistan

Delegation from Tajikistan acquainted with the outsourcing potential of Uzbekistan


A delegation from Tajikistan visited Uzbekistan, consisting of representatives from governmental organizations and international companies, with the purpose of discussing cooperation terms and assessing the Uzbek market’s potential.



During the meetings, the delegation familiarized themselves with Uzbekistan's dynamic economic growth and its capabilities in IT services and outsourcing. They also engaged in discussions with Uzbek companies regarding collaboration opportunities, particularly in outsourcing projects to local entities.



The delegation began their acquaintance with the Uzbek market by visiting the Ministry of Digital Technologies, where they were presented with Uzbekistan's e-government system. They received detailed briefings on the progress of digitalizing the public sector, encountered challenges during program development, and learned about future expansion plans. Holikzoda Chonibek, Legal Advisor to the Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, acknowledged Uzbekistan's digital maturity in e-government and expressed interest in studying Uzbekistan’s experiences. He expressed hope for continued fruitful cooperation and technology exchange between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.



Furthermore, the Tajikistani representatives held discussions with the IT Park Uzbekistan team to explore the development of the IT sector in both countries and bilateral cooperation opportunities aimed at launching joint projects. The IT Park Uzbekistan team provided detailed insights into the advantages of doing business in Uzbekistan, the adopted reforms to ensure the active growth of the IT sector, and efforts in professional training for skilled personnel.



Tajikistani companies were introduced to support programs such as Zero Risk, One Stop Shop, and tax incentives. Furthermore, they were briefed on Uzbekistan’s multilingual workforce potential, enabling Uzbek specialists to engage in outsourcing for international markets. These conditions generated significant interest among Tajikistani company representatives, paving the way for future collaboration and strengthened ties between the two countries in the IT sector.


Members of the Tajikistani delegation visited the offices of four residents of IT Park Uzbekistan — Mohirdev, Unicon-Soft, Uzinfocom, and Fido-Biznes.



Mohirdev presented the origins of their product and showcased advancements in IT education, including a virtual lesson project utilizing AI. Tajikistani visitors expressed interest in Uzbek startup projects and the potential for adaptation to their market, suggesting mutually beneficial cooperation — Mohirdev expressed interest in implementing their products in Tajikistan.


The delegation also visited the offices of Unicon-Soft to explore electronic government structures in Uzbekistan. During the meeting, they get acquainted with several systems developed by the company, their operational mechanisms, and evaluated their user-friendliness. An agreement was also reached on cooperation and further system implementation in the Republic of Tajikistan.



During their visit to Fido-Biznes, the Tajikistani delegation learned about projects undertaken by the Uzbek company in the digitalization of the public and banking sectors. Discussions focused on potential areas for cooperation with IT Park resident Fido-Biznes and outlined possible next steps to establish partnership relations, fostering new friendly and business contacts between our countries.


Cooperation between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the IT sphere has the potential to attract additional investments, create new jobs, and fortify the national economies. Moreover, it opens new avenues for Uzbek companies to provide IT services to the Tajikistani market, thereby enhancing our country's export performance.