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IT Park took part in Huawei Cloud Go-Global Summit 2024

IT Park took part in Huawei Cloud Go-Global Summit 2024


The Huawei Cloud Go-Global Summit 2024, convened in the Chinese city of Dongguan, focused on the theme “Going Global: Choose the Middle East and Central Asia.” The event brought together prominent Chinese companies in the field of investment and consulting services, representatives of foreign embassies and consulates in China, as well as enterprises from the GameDev and automotive industries.



The Huawei Cloud Go-Global Summit, an annual event organized by Huawei, endeavors to facilitate exchange of knowledge and facilitate discussions surrounding regional industry achievements and innovations for the global market. During the forum, government officials from the Middle East and Central Asia provided insights into regional market policies and their current state, thereby assisting Chinese companies in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the market potential in the Middle East and Central Asia and exploring novel business opportunities. The forum is anticipated to empower Chinese companies to further extend their presence in overseas markets, harness the boundless potential of these regions, and achieve broader international expansion.  



Representatives from IT Park presented a detailed overview of Uzbekistan, emphasizing its conducive business climate, high levels of education, substantial pool of young professionals, robust banking system, and other advantages the country offers to investors. They also introduced the IT Park residency program to Chinese companies, which offers incentives such as establishing outsourcing offices, procuring skilled personnel with relevant experience and training, tax benefits, and full reimbursement of expenses during the first year of operation.



As part of the forum, an exhibition was held where IT Park showcased its own booth, allowing each company to access detailed information about the Uzbek market, ask questions, and initiate the process of obtaining IT Park residency.



Furthermore, during a visit to China, a meeting was held with the leadership of SIDA — Shenzhen Association of Graphic Designers, which unites companies operating in the design and multimedia sectors, including INNOZEN Design, CBON Consultant International, ZOU Design, Z WAVE Design, 9-o’clock Design, and HAOYUN WORKS. An agreement was reached to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the SIDA Association. Moreover, member companies of the SIDA Association expressed their intention to establish their offices in Uzbekistan in the near future.