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The Mongolian delegation delved into the technological sector of Uzbekistan

The Mongolian delegation delved into the technological sector of Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan recently hosted a delegation from Mongolia, comprising 50 individuals led by Deputy Prime Minister Sainbuyan Amarsaikhan. The delegation included representatives from the Mongolian government as well as executives from local and international Mongolian companies.

During their visit, the Mongolian representatives explored the landmarks and infrastructure of Tashkent and engaged in discussions with Uzbek companies about potential collaboration and the joint development of the IT sector in both countries.



Additionally, the delegation visited the IT Park Uzbekistan complex to gain deeper insights into Uzbekistan's technological sector and the conducive environment for conducting IT business. They were introduced to the benefits available to residents of the Uzbek technopark, aimed at fostering the growth of export-oriented IT-enabled services (ITes) companies.

Specifically, the private sector representatives from Mongolia were briefed on the Zero Risk program, which covers most expenses during the first year of operation in Uzbekistan. Detailed information was provided about the numerous advantages Uzbekistan offers for establishing outsourcing offices, including simplified access to international markets, tax incentives, and state support.



These factors garnered significant interest from the Mongolian delegation, potentially leading to further cooperation and strengthening ties between the two countries in the IT sector.

The reception of the Mongolian delegation, consisting of top executives from major Mongolian companies and government representatives, opens new prospects for Uzbekistan. Development of cooperation in the IT field could attract additional investments, create new jobs, and bolster the national economy. Moreover, the exchange of experience and technologies will enhance the quality of IT services and improve the competitiveness of Uzbek companies in the global market. Thus, this meeting represents a significant step towards strengthening mutually beneficial relations between Uzbekistan and Mongolia in the field of information technology.