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Development Synergy: Discussing the Partnership between IT Park and MIKADO Develop

Development Synergy: Discussing the Partnership between IT Park and MIKADO Develop



Amidst the active development of international IT collaboration, the IT Park Uzbekistan office hosted a meeting between representatives of IT Park and IT Bilim, led by CEO Farkhod Ibragimov, and Japanese company MIKADO Develop and Investment Co., Ltd. The Japanese delegation was comprised of General Director Okuda Takefumi alongside his colleagues Tanaka Satomi and Sarvar Mirvasidov. This meeting served as a platform for deliberating on prospective investment and development ventures poised to substantially bolster Uzbekistan’s IT infrastructure and enhance its global footprint.


MIKADO Develop and Investment Co., Ltd — an Uzbek limited liability company with Japanese origins, founded by Kenburn LLC, specializes in offering consulting services to Japanese enterprises contemplating ventures into foreign markets for subsequent investment. Additionally, the firm orchestrates seminars and web marketing endeavors tailored for prospective investors. Operating across several Asian nations, MIKADO actively participates in international activities.


The primary aim of the meeting was to bolster relations and explore collaboration prospects between IT Park Uzbekistan and MIKADO Develop and Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Okuda articulated his intent to pool efforts with IT Park in enhancing awareness among Japanese enterprises regarding Uzbekistan’s technological sector potential, as well as jointly facilitating investments into our nation’s IT ecosystem.


Of notable interest to our Japanese partners was Uzbekistan’s well-developed legislative framework, which streamlines the conduct of export-oriented business and offers investment avenues in the region, alongside opportunities for the future employment of IT and BPO specialists. Considering the proficiency in the Japanese language among our compatriots, this factor emerges as one of the most compelling draws for companies from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Looking ahead, MIKADO will assume the role of consultants on foreign direct investments and representatives of IT Park in Japan, serving as a conduit between the IT and BPO sectors of our nations.


Both parties have agreed upon crafting a joint action plan aimed at fortifying ties and unlocking the full potential of collaboration. The partnership with MIKADO could open new horizons for IT Park Uzbekistan, enhancing its visibility on the international stage, and contributing to attracting investments into the Uzbek economy.