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EPAM Uzbekistan and IT Bilim Join Forces to Train Competent IT Professionals

EPAM Uzbekistan and IT Bilim Join Forces to Train Competent IT Professionals


EPAM and IT Bilim have concluded a strategic partnership to cultivate highly skilled IT professionals for the international market.


Founded in 1993, EPAM Systems is renowned for its innovative methodologies in creating digital platforms and products, leveraging state-of-the-art cloud and AI technologies. The company has garnered global acclaim for its professionalism and the superior quality of its services.



This partnership aims to support young professionals through internships at both international and local companies, thereby equipping them with essential professional skills that meet global standards. As the export of IT services emerges as a key driver of the national economy and more foreign outsourcing companies enter the market, the development of highly qualified personnel is a top priority.


Through EPAM’s extensive experience, aspiring professionals will gain the technical expertise required by major foreign IT firms, significantly enhancing the appeal of Uzbekistan’s workforce. It is noteworthy that with 60% of the population under the age of 30, the talent pool is a critical asset for foreign companies considering establishing operations in Uzbekistan.



Consequently, graduates of the program will be well-positioned in both local and international organizations. The advanced knowledge and skills of Uzbek specialists will enable them to work on the most innovative projects, utilizing the latest programming stacks and modern process methodologies.