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IT Park Representatives Hold Talks with Two Chinese Companies on Future Cooperation

IT Park Representatives Hold Talks with Two Chinese Companies on Future Cooperation


During a business visit to China, the IT Park delegation conducted meetings with the executives of Chinese companies Zixel and Homestyler, aiming to present Uzbekistan's outsourcing potential to the international market.


Zixel, a leading provider of 3D and industrial digital platforms, offers cutting-edge solutions for the digital transformation of enterprises. With its innovative technologies, Zixel supports businesses at all stages of their life cycle, providing them with a competitive advantage and increased efficiency.



During the meetings, the heads of Zixel and Homestyler discussed with IT Park representatives the potential opportunity for their companies to acquire IT Park member status. Zuo Dylan, the Chief Financial Officer of Zixel, expressed interest in the partnership conditions, particularly the Zero Risk program, the human capital comprising a significant number of young IT specialists, and the assistance in establishing their first outsourcing office in the country through the One Stop Shop service.


Homestyler, a Chinese company specializing in 3D interior design and physical object modeling, provides services that are highly sought after among furniture companies and within the real estate industry.



Stephanie Ma, a representative of Homestyler, was interested in the tax incentives available in Uzbekistan for export-oriented IT companies, as well as the opportunity to sell their products to other markets from Uzbekistan. Furthermore, the company representatives noted the favorable conditions for entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, which simplify many processes, ensuring ease of doing business.



The establishment of outsourcing offices for the two Chinese companies in Uzbekistan will unlock numerous opportunities for the country’s economy. The partnership with Zixel and Homestyler will create new jobs for local specialists, positively impacting employment levels and the professional development of citizens. The exchange of experience and knowledge with Chinese colleagues will contribute to the development of local IT talent and strengthen Uzbekistan’s position in the global digital technology market. The presence of representative offices of Chinese companies in Uzbekistan will also enhance partnership relations with China.