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IT Park Unveils Opportunities in Uzbekistan for International GBS Companies

IT Park Unveils Opportunities in Uzbekistan for International GBS Companies


A delegation from IT Park, comprising representatives from the Service Export Development Department, Izzat Khamidov and Fayzullo Ulmasov, has recently concluded a business visit to the Czech Republic. During the trip, the delegation participated in the Future of BPO, Shared Services & GBS 2024 conference held on June 20-21 in Prague. Izzat Khamidov delivered a speech, informing Czech and international service companies about the collaborative opportunities and significant advantages offered by the Uzbek market.



The IT Park speaker elaborated on all the benefits that foreign resident companies can leverage in Uzbekistan. Key highlights include a substantial pool of young, qualified specialists under the age of 30 proficient in foreign languages, the Zero Risk program offering free office leases in various regions of Uzbekistan, robust GDP growth, and a low inflation rate.


Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that starting from 2024, companies providing any digital services remotely can become IT Park residents and benefit from the offered preferences and tax definitions. All conference attendees were invited to the upcoming Global Businesses Forum, scheduled for July 24 in Tashkent.


During the conference in the Czech Republic, the IT Park team conducted a series of meetings, including with representatives from Cargill, Pandora, Sandoz, and Nokia, to discuss the potential for opening shared service centers in Uzbekistan. Representatives from these companies were also invited to the Global Businesses Forum.


The IT Park delegation further engaged in negotiations with five Czech outsourcing companies to discuss the establishment of outsourcing offices and the cooperative conditions offered by Uzbekistan for international companies.



A meeting was held with Vaclav Kandrnal, head of the Czech company EppTec, which provides IT services and consulting. The company employs 64 staff and has an annual revenue exceeding £10,000,000.


Vaclav expressed a heightened interest in the proposed cooperative conditions, particularly in the countryэs venture capital opportunities. He plans to further explore the Uzbek market and the experiences of foreign companies to make an informed decision regarding opening an office in Uzbekistan.


Additionally, negotiations were conducted with Emir Heljić, the head of the international PMO company — Trask. Trask operates in five countries and specializes in providing outsourced digital services. The company has over 1,000 employees, and the revenue for 2023 totaled more than 500.000.000$.



Following the negotiations, Emir Heljić requested a database of candidates for initial interviews to assess the qualification levels of specialists, after which a decision will be made concerning the establishment of an office in Uzbekistan.


Moreover, IT Park representatives held discussions with Khalid Pervez, founder and owner of the IT company Extelligence, and Darya Valuyeva, founder and CEO of Infintech. These companies have expressed interest in forming partnerships with existing Uzbek IT companies to outsource part of their orders.