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IT Park Uzbekistan Engages in Strategic Meetings with Mongolian Tech Leaders

IT Park Uzbekistan Engages in Strategic Meetings with Mongolian Tech Leaders


Representatives of IT Park held a series of meetings in Mongolia with major Mongolian IT organizations — MStars Hub, Chimege Systems, and Kite Mongolia. These meetings represent an additional step towards developing stronger business connections and technological progress between two countries.


During the meeting with Mr. Davaayamtse, President of MStars Center, discussions focused on the development of the startup sector in both countries.



MStars Hub is the largest acceleration program in Mongolia, supporting early-stage startups to scale their results and advance their products for both local and global markets.


Key topics of discussion included the integration of Uzbek startups into Mongolian corporations, the exchange of experiences and startup products between Mongolia and Uzbekistan, and mutual investments in startups. The joint efforts of the two countries will contribute to the dynamic development of the startup ecosystem and the attraction of funding.


Another meeting took place with Mr. Badral Sanlig, CEO of Chimege Systems.


Chimege is the world's first technology, providing automatic speech recognition and natural voice synthesis for languages such as Mongolian, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz. The creators of this product implement high-precision speech recognition mechanisms and TTS solutions.



During the meeting, discussions focused on the implementation of AI-based language technologies in Central Asian countries, as well as the opening of an office in Uzbekistan. Representatives of Voicy LLC presented the startup potential of Uzbekistan and the conditions created for the development of innovative projects both domestically and for export abroad. Mr. Badral Sanlig, CEO of Chimege Systems, highly appreciated Uzbekistan's achievements in supporting entrepreneurship, the business climate, and the existing programs for promoting startups on the global stage.


Furthermore, the delegation met with Ms. Tsendselkhiin Bold, CEO of Kite Mongolia.


Kite Mongolia actively develops startup ecosystems, stimulates youth entrepreneurship, and assists entrepreneurs and startups create socially-oriented products that align with sustainable development goals.



The parties agreed to join efforts to improve the startup environments of both countries and provide mutual support in entering foreign markets. On July 24, a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations will be signed within the framework of the Global Business Services Forum to strengthen cooperation. It is expected that this agreement will contribute to the development of a dynamic startup ecosystem in both countries. In particular, in September of this year, a joint event, She Loves Tech Global Competition - 2024 - Central Asia, will be organized by the two organizations.


The established partnerships between the IT sectors of Uzbekistan and Mongolia will significantly advance the startups of both countries on an international level, attracting venture investments and business angels.