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Representatives from IT Park visited Shanghai and discussed collaboration terms with five Chinese companies

Representatives from IT Park visited Shanghai and discussed collaboration terms with five Chinese companies


During the 4-day visit to Shanghai, IT Park delegation conducted meetings with the heads of five Chinese companies to explore potential cooperation opportunities.


As part of the trip, the IT Park delegation engaged in negotiations with Shanghai Starworking Networking Technology Company, led by Lin Qing, director of the company.



IT Park representatives briefed Lin Qing on the opportunities available to technological and outsourcing member companies of IT Park, as well as the favorable business conditions in Uzbekistan for doing business. The management of Shanghai Starworking Networking Technology Company was interested in the conditions offered in Uzbekistan for opening outsourcing offices, in particular, Lin Qing noted the countryʼs pool of young IT specialists available at lower rates compared to China. Additionally, the management of Shanghai Starworking Networking Technology Company plans to attend the Global Business Services Forum scheduled for July 24th in Tashkent.



Xia Li, director of Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. attended the next meeting. The company specializes in manufacturing medical equipment and developing software for medical devices and equipment.


Xia Li, Director of Medical Instrument, was impressed by Uzbekistanʼs investment attractiveness for international companies, particularly the tax incentives and government openness in supporting the private sector. The company is willing to consider opportunities for collaboration with Uzbek companies, where they could place orders for outsourcing business processes.



Subsequent negotiations were conducted between IT Park and the management of Shanghai Zhanjie, a company specializing in IT solutions and software development for fintech companies and banks.


IT Park representatives presented to the CEO of Shanghai Zhanjie the significant economic and business achievements that Uzbekistan has attained in recent years. They also introduced the IT Park membership program, including tax preferences and assistance in opening outsourcing offices and hiring qualified specialists. Mr. Cao, CEO of Shanghai Zhanje, expressed interest in the Uzbekistan IT market and plans to forge partnerships with local IT enterprises.


Furthermore, a meeting was convened with the leadership of Qinxin Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Jesa Capital). The company provides consulting services and facilitates the exploration of overseas investment projects for Chinese investors.



During the meeting, held in conjunction with the CEO Mr. Scott, discussions centered on the prospects of collaboration with Uzbek companies, as well as the establishment of Qinxin Management Consultingʻs outsourcing office in Uzbekistan. Qinxin Management Consulting expressed significant interest in Uzbek IT projects, particularly those within the “Green Energy” sectors. An agreement was reached to continue deliberations on joint ventures.


Concluding the visit, representatives from IT Park met with Mr. Xi, the head of Aerocae. Aerocae is a Chinese company, pioneered the development of an application for measuring the aerodynamics of aircraft, drones, and automobiles. Presently, Aerocae is advancing its application in anticipation of launching a paid version.


IT Park representatives showcased Uzbekistanʼs IT industry and its rapid growth, along with governmental initiatives supporting ITES companies to expand operations actively and enter new markets. Ms. Xi expressed interest in the Uzbek market and intends to consider our nation as a new outsourcing hub in the immediate future.


Following the visit to Shanghai, IT Park representatives revealed substantial interest in the Uzbekistan market among Chinese firms. Several companies are also exploring the prospect of establishing outsourcing offices within Uzbekistan, which promises to positively impact the countryʼs labor market. This contributes to the creation of employment opportunities and will enable Uzbek IT specialists to acquire invaluable experience in international companies.