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Seoul hosted a mini-seminar on Uzbekistan’s IT sector

Seoul hosted a mini-seminar on Uzbekistan’s IT sector


IT Park Uzbekistan, in partnership with KOIIA (Korean Association of Industrial Intelligence), conducted a mini-seminar for Korean companies. The event was attended by representatives from Koreans Group, ICTC, and OCU, who expressed keen interest in Uzbekistanʼs IT sector and its human capital potential.


KOIIA is a leading Korean association that brings together major IT and industrial companies from South Korea. The association aims to support industry development, facilitate market expansion, and establish partnerships with foreign entities to broaden business horizons.



During the meeting, Korean guests were provided with comprehensive information about Uzbekistanʼs IT sector and the conditions for setting up outsourcing offices within the country. Particular attention was drawn to the “Zero Risk” program, which enables foreign companies to enter the Uzbek market without strategic losses by opening offices in regional locations.


Furthermore, seminar participants expressed interest in the tax incentives created for the outsourcing business in Uzbekistan, as well as the availability of highly qualified IT professionals who possess Korean language proficiency. The Director of Koreans Group, Mr. Kim Hyung Kook, and the Head of OCUʼs Digital Business Department, Mr. Im Yoo Shin, requested information on the IT specialist training programs within Uzbek universities, with a view to establishing offices and creating employment opportunities for Uzbek talent.



Mr. Choe Kihyung, a representative of ICTC, expressed interest in developing technological solutions for the automotive industry and underscored Uzbekistanʼs preparednessto create new products equipped with innovative automotive services.


The guests expressed their intention to visit Uzbekistan in the near future to further explore the details of opening offices within the country. All attendees received invitations to the Global Business Services Forum, scheduled for July 24th in Tashkent.



Uzbekistan is rapidly establishing its position in the Asian market, attracting an increasing number of Korean companies to establish outsourcing businesses within the country. This trend highlights the effectiveness of the governmentʼs measures to liberalize the IT sector and the successful implementation of the “Digital Uzbekistan-2030” strategy, aimed at enhancing the countryʼs export potential and creating new high-paying jobs for Uzbek citizens.