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Uzbekistanʼs growth rate as an IT hub: 40 export companies entered the market in the first half of June

Uzbekistanʼs growth rate as an IT hub: 40 export companies entered the market in the first half of June


Early June proved fruitful for Uzbekistanʼs IT sector: 40 export-oriented companies became IT Park residents in the first 15 days of the month, demonstrating the dynamic growth of the countryʼs ITES sector.


Among the new export-oriented residents, 17 companies were established with the participation of foreign capital from countries such as Germany, China, Japan, Greece, and others. The combined revenue of the 40 new residents from services provided abroad is estimated at $9.5 million by the end of the current year, with the primary export destinations being North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region.


This growth highlights the rising investment appeal of the country on the global stage. As a result, the total number of exporters of SaaS products and ITES services has reached 766, including 351 foreign residents.


The majority of exports from the new residents consist of IT services, software development, design and multimedia, outsourcing services such as consulting and marketing, and contact center operations.


For the first time, a company from Greece, ICT REACH, has become a resident of the IT Park. ICT REACH provides consulting services in the creative industry and actively engages with markets in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other regional countries.


Furthermore, the German IT company HEGELMANN FLEET has established an office in Uzbekistan to provide logistics services to foreign clients from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. In the first year of operations, HEGELMANN FLEET plans to create 41 jobs.


Moreover, the presence of Chinese companies in Uzbekistan has strengthened. TRANSEURO, a company offering outsourcing services in the field of logistics management, customer service, and support, has become a resident of IT Park. In the initial phase of operation, the company plans to create 22 jobs in Uzbekistan for exporting services to China.


Feedback from foreign residents indicates that the support measures and programs implemented by the Uzbek government significantly influenced their decision to open offices in Uzbekistan. According to their experience, the business conditions in Uzbekistan are unparalleled globally, enhancing its attractiveness on the international stage. Furthermore, foreign companies underscore the high qualifications of Uzbek specialists, their professional skills, and proficiency in foreign languages, enabling new employees from Uzbekistan to quickly adapt to company operations and demonstrate results.