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IT Park Uzbekistan Hosts Discussion with Jakub Bieszczad

IT Park Uzbekistan Hosts Discussion with Jakub Bieszczad



Recently, a meeting took place between representatives of IT Park Uzbekistan and Jakub Bieszczad, representing the company TT & TELCOLAB. This meeting marked a significant stride towards deepening collaboration within the realm of high technology.




TT & TELCOLAB stands as a company providing services in research and development, certification, implementation and sales of products in the European Union market. Additionally, they possess a high-tech laboratory that certifies products for the European market.

The primary objective of the meeting was to deliberate the feasibility of establishing a TT & TELCOLAB representative office in Tashkent and to search partnerships among Uzbek companies. Moreover, Jakub Bieszczad intends to contribute to bolstering Uzbekistanʼs recognition as a burgeoning tech hub, establishing ties with international companies, and advancing the countryʼs standing on the global stage within the realms of IT and BPO.



Both parties conveyed their preparedness for knowledge sharing and forging novel business affiliations between Uzbek and Polish enterprises within the sphere of information technology. Given the presence of existing Polish firms in the Uzbek market, this collaboration promises to advance the development of both parties.


Furthermore, it is noteworthy that 22% of IT and BPO service exports are directed towards European countries and the United Kingdom, constituting the second most favored destination for outsourcing from Uzbekistan, making collaboration with TT & TELCOLAB even more prospective and crucial for the local IT industry.