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Interest from Japanese companies in Uzbekistan's IT market is on the rise

Interest from Japanese companies in Uzbekistan's IT market is on the rise


IT Park and IT Bilim hosted a delegation from the Japanese association JSBA, which included representatives from four companies: Rebreath, led by President and CEO Ken Takamatsu; Global Future Link, led by President and CEO Kouchi Yuri; Aspage, led by President and CEO Yuichiro Ishihara; and Kajima, led by Director Hiroshi Ushiki. The purpose of the visit was to delve into Uzbekistan's IT sector, business climate, and talent pool.


JSBA is one of Japan’s largest associations, uniting technology companies to foster dynamic growth and establish partnerships with new markets.


The delegation was given detailed presentations on government support programs for developing outsourcing businesses in Uzbekistan, as well as insights into the country’s talent pool, which is of particular interest to the Japanese private sector.


The Japanese companies expressed a keen interest in young and talented Uzbek specialists capable of enhancing company productivity through outsourcing. Additionally, Uzbekistan’s appeal lies in its business-friendly environment, facilitated by the digitalization of public services and robust support for the private sector from the government.


Special attention was given to the Zero Risk program, which allows foreign companies to open offices in any region of Uzbekistan, offering tax benefits and minimizing startup and operational costs.


The delegation also visited the Japan Digital University to familiarize themselves with IT training programs, conduct initial interviews with candidates, and assess their Japanese language proficiency.


During discussions, several solutions were proposed for further consideration. Specifically, a series of meetings with local outsourcing companies will be organized to showcase their capabilities and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.


Upon agreeing to enter the Uzbek market, Japanese companies will have the opportunity to enhance their workforce with young professionals from Uzbekistan, significantly reducing operational costs.


In turn, partnerships with Japanese companies will boost Uzbekistan’s presence in the Asian market, enhancing the country’s awareness as an IT hub. This collaboration is expected to significantly increase the export of IT services to Japan and create new job opportunities for Uzbeks.